"I am a strong Constitutional Conservative who advocates for local control and defends our god-given rights"

Sanctity of Life

I am a strong pro-life candidate and believes that life begins at conception. The government's job is to protect the most vulnerable, which means the government should not be funding any abortions nor should it be involved in these extremely personal and emotional decisions.

Public Safety

One of the government’s main functions is to protect its citizens and uphold the rule of law. Police and peace officers are on the front lines every day engaging in problems and conflict that many of us will not understand or encounter. I believe it is imperative that police officers are respected in the community and funded at a level that makes training and patrolling possible. They need to be visible in the community not only as an enforcer of the law but also a confidant and fellow Minnesotan who cares about the vitality and safety of our state. It is essential to listen to law enforcement’s experience and wisdom when considering new laws. It is just as important to continue community development through relationships and holding each other accountable when appropriate. 


No profession can exist for 150 years and not innovate. While schools have been modernized with technology and teachers work tirelessly to use best practices in the classroom, this is a vital time to examine what and how we teach to provide educational opportunities for students that meet the changing demands of the workforce. As a 17-year educator, I find it ironic that Education Minnesota emphasizes differentiation of instruction for our students because each child is unique, but the idea of school choice – the ultimate way to individualize education – is often demonized. School choice would allow families, especially those in low-income areas, a way to go to schools that are more effective and provide quality education. The public-school curriculum is not an appropriate place to push through any agenda of a particular group. Rather, schools should be focused on providing students with skills that emphasize critical thinking, authentic experiences, and innovation so that students can tackle complex problems in the coming years. 


Agriculture is the driving economic force of our district. It is important to reduce regulations, mandates, and bans that hurt greater MN. Over regulation of farming hurts family farms the most and prohibits growth and economic prosperity.

2nd Amendment

Our founders gave us the 2nd amendment. We need to protect ourselves, or families, and our rights. The extreme gun regulations proposed by the left only hurt responsible, law-abiding gun owners and would not actually prevent violent crimes.

Health Care

MN had better health care before Obama Care (the Affordable Care Act) was enacted. Your health care should be personalized to your needs and transparent with costs. The price of health care could be reduced when insurance companies compete for your business. Medicare for all will only lower the quality of health care for each person and further the danger of local hospitals to remain open. MN should apply for waivers to opt out of ACA and return to what we had previously.